“Wow” factor charts have helped readers see a reality in a fresh way. Some Fed Dashboard & Fundamentals comments dug deeper into data, some painted a more complete picture of data points, and some framed the analysis in a more insight way. For more insightful framing, these are top picks:

DATA ANIMATION: No fear of deflation is cause is PIPE Factors (July 2015)

Tech and Trade Transformation

Complications of P/E, EPS and related ratios:

Cash gearbox and natural interest rates (September 2015)

5 drivers of the stock market since 1951

Strain Gauge (August 2017) – Measure strain (and equity price bubble) between financial markets and corporate output.

World to U.S., “Do you get globalization yet?” (Dec 2014) – Red Dots picture import impacts on prices, wages and hours worked.

Pig tails and price levels — a tale of inflation and you (Dec 2014) – pieces together a picture of  restrained inflation.

Situation status and organic growth imperative (Oct 2014)

  • Rise of the autonomous financial sector
  • Domestic destiny derailed by deleverging, demographics, dilution and disjointed regulation

Growing cash and who has it

Is this the Fed’s inflation trap? (Aug 2014) – Causes of price increases are critical to avoiding monetary policy distortions

Y2K – when workers hit the wall (Aug 2014) – Productivity to Real Wage per Person picture illustrates today’s situation and points to causes that pre-date the credit bubble bursting

How hot is housing? Before digging into dirt, dig into data  (July 2014) — Housing is not a headwind; it is bubbly when benchmarked to Treacherous Triangle

3 insights from the Real Rates-Real People Curve (June 2014)


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