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THANKS go to the team at the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank that created FRED – Federal Reserve Economic Data – to gather data from across federal government, private organizations and other governments and entities around the world into a common API. Without FRED GRAPH and earlier FRED API this site would not be possible.

THANKS to the dedicated professionals across U.S. Government assembling economic data. Primary among these are the Federal Reserve System, U.S. Department of Commerce Bureaus of Economic Analysis and Census, U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics and Federal Housing Finance Agency.

The economic measures on this site are a subset of those used by the staff of the Federal Open Market Committee.

A full list of sources can be found on the FRED website.


THANKS go to the team at Zacks Research System for creating a unique data repository that draws in data from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database for company fundamentals, and adds a wide range of economic, stock market index, fund and other market data.

Zacks Research System next provides the analytical interface of ratios and measures tailored to the needs of deep fundamental analysts to both make it easier to bridge from macroeconomic to company data and drill down on companies, indices and funds.

Then Zacks Research System provides the tools used to create the charts you see posted in individual analyses.